JR東日本駅弁味の陣2019 2019年10月1日(火)~11月30日(土)




An Ekiben is a Japanese portable lunch box sold at train stations or in trains. Ekiben which started around Meiji 10s (1880s) has over 130 years history. Along with the development of the railway networks, Ekiben has been diversified and become a unique railway food culture of Japan. With seasonally selected ingredients, graciously arranged foods, and beautifully colored decorations, Ekiben demonstrates the spirit of “hospitality” of Japanese people. Based on the local history and culture, Ekiben prepared by local specialties and foods represents real Japanese food culture.

Ekiben Grand Prix

Ekiben Grand Prix planned by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) will be 8th time this year. This event held by JR East is one of the largest Ekiben campaigns and will decide the summit of Ekiben. 66 Ekiben were selected in this year, and five Ekiben from outside of JR East were selected as well.
“EKIBEN ICHIBANSHO” will be voted on the website for foreign tourists visiting Japan. Please vote for the “EKIBEN ICHIBANSHO”. Choose your favorite Ekiben and vote for it. The summit of Ekiben might be decided by your vote.

Event Duration2019/10/1~11/30

How to Vote

  • Access the website
  • Choose the image of your favorite Ekiben
  • Press the voting button


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  • Meat ekiben
  • Fish ekiben
  • Makunouchi ekiben
  • Other

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